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Youths fight for jobs
Campaign group wants fewer cuts on public spending and more jobs for young people
Wednesday, 28 October, 2009 | 09:00

A group campaigning against youth unemployment has planned a demonstration to take place in London on 28 November.

Youth Fight for Jobs is calling for government to expand the public sector, creating more “permanent socially useful jobs that pay a living wage for all those that want them”.

Sean Figg, national organiser for the campaign said: “We’re still getting the same old nonsense from Brown and Cameron, that action is being taken to tackle youth unemployment. Today’s figures do not show this. We need a complete change of direction from the politicians if we have any chance of averting a national emergency that sees youth unemployment continue so far.”

The group is angered by the outcomes of the recent party conferences around the country, accusing all “mainstream parties” of being united in their efforts to cut public spending.

Mr Figg continued: “It’s a myth that these cuts and retrench policies are ‘inevitable’. Public sector cuts won’t be an unfortunate necessity, they will be a deliberate and conscious way of making ordinary people pay for an economic crisis not of their making. And young people will be paying the highest price—the hope of a decent future.”

Youth Fight for Jobs was initially created following a ‘march for jobs’ at the G20 in London earlier this year, and their aims also include a call for free education and the expansion of apprenticeships, college and university places.

The group has gained the support of various trade unions including the Communication Workers Union and National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers.


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