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LCD Soundsystem
Disco heroes don't disappoint a loyal Glasgow audience
Friday, 14 May, 2010 | 12:00

Mourning the demise of Optimo seems to be all the rage in Glasgow, and LCD Soundsystem are evidently sensible to the collective milieu of grief west of the M8 as they dedicate their two consecutive shows at The Barrowlands (widely known to be their favourite venue, like, evar) to JD Twitch and JG Wilkes’ dearly departed Sunday night soiree.

Funereal gestures are otherwise few and far between in a show dominated by LCD Soundsystem’s most accomplished record, Sound of Silver. ‘Get Innocuous!’, by extension, is the natural choice to usher in a set that tumbles inexorably towards a series of perspiration drenched plateaus. ‘Losing My Edge’ is the most glorious of these, and the song itself is imbued with a renewed sense of profundity, given that it serves as a permanent barometer for whether Murphy and his DFA cohorts have, to borrow a phrase from the hip hop lexicon, ‘fallen off’. Songs from James Murphy et al's latest (and possibly last) album under the LCD Soundsystem moniker, This Is Happening, occasionally struggle to glean the sort of approving reaction that the big man might have hoped for – partly because it’s so new, and partly because the material itself is a bit underwhelming (‘Pow Pow’). ‘Drunk Girls’, though, is the startling and downright fun exception – an effusively happy single that would threaten to shoot Murphy’s voice to bone china pieces were his trachea not built of sterner stuff.

Other highlights include ‘Yr City’s A Sucker’, a rendition that bristles with the slow burn, contemptuous sneer of Murphy’s pseudo-teenage affectation. Sound Of Silver, however, heralded an ebbing away of such cold-eyed, lager glazed indifference, where deconstructing hipster culture was the raison d’etre - the death knell of this is embodied by the heart swelling ode of ‘All My Friends’, and the pitch-perfect come-down of “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”.

When you consider that this may be the last occasion on which Murphy will visit The Barras under the spangling LCD Soundsystem banner, it’s reasonable to consider two things: one, tonight is a worthy Losing My Edge moment (“I was there!”) in itself, and two: another bleeding-edge band in the not-too-distant future will affect a similarly reverent pose to lament the passing of another great institution, one that has transcended its own myriad of influences to become something greater than the sum of its considerable parts.

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